A Writing Group Poem

Hi everyone,
Here’s a little poem I wrote during Tuesday night’s writing group:

There’s a writing group I’ve come to know,
That meets on Tuesday night.
They get together and form a group,
They sit down and they write.

Fables, fiction, memories,
And stories all are told.
Such a range of story characters,
Tall, short, young, and old.

They say that writing is good for you,
It releases an inner thought.
It unleashes the imagination,
And allows dreams to be sought.

Transferring what’s in your mind,
To put it down in words.
Bringing thoughts to life,
It’s not far-fetched or absurd.
So, if it’s Tuesday night,
And you need something to do.
Just come on down to Mission City cafe,
We’ll save a seat for you.


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