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Note: Please don’t post more than a few sentences of any given piece (or paragraphs if it’s book-length) because that could cause your piece to be considered “published.” (Many publishers only want new content and will not consider something that has already been made available to the public. Since this site can be viewed by anyone, it counts. For a more detailed discussion, see this Writer’s Relief article. For bunches of links to even more articles about this topic, see this Write It Sideways post.)

Also, please remember that this site is not meant as a place to get or give critique.

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  1. Hey, I’m Anthony Francis, and I’m a writer of urban fantasy, steampunk and science fiction. My day job involves the Search Engine That Starts With A “G” and my background is in artificial intelligence and emotional robotics.

    I’m working on a steampunk novel called JEREMIAH WILLSTONE AND THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE, which is aaalllmost ready to send to beta readers. I’m also working on an interactive fiction and a screenplay in the same universe. I’ll be participating in Script Frenzy this April to get the screenplay done.

    I’m almost done with the rough draft of LIQUID FIRE, the third urban fantasy novel in my Skindancer series featuring magical tattooist Dakota Frost. I’m excited about this one and hope to have it out to beta readers this summer. The first two novels in the series, FROST MOON and BLOOD ROCK, are doing very well.

    I’m halfway done with the rough draft of HEX CODE, the spinoff YA series in the Skindancer universe featuring weretiger and math prodigy Cinnamon Frost. I’m also excited about this one which is going in an interesting new direction.

    I’ve got the first third of a YA space novel called MAROONED out to the editor. We’re breaking it into 3 novellas and the first one, called “Stranded” we hope will come out this year. This will hopefully be a seven book series.

    I’ve got a stalled webcomic called f@nu fiku I’m trying to restart, but while that’s going on I’m working with Nathan Vargas on, a project to help blocked comic writers and artists make progress on their dreams.

    I’m writing a monthly column on writing on Write to the End called “The Centaur’s Pen” and I’m working on another column for my own website called “Getting Traction”, both as a part of trying to get into nonfiction writing.

    I have many more projects in partial states of completion: novels, comics, artworks, webworks, computer programming investigations, games, and so on. But I’m comfortable not making a lot of progress on my side projects, because I’ve got enough main projects to keep me gobstackingly busy.

    Just how I like it.

    -the Centaur

  2. Hi, I’m Betsy. I write a combination of nonfiction and fiction. This week I’m working on the synopsis of my young adult novel, All She Wants to Do Is Dance, which is in the middle of beta reading cycle #2. If you’re curious about beta reading cycles, you can check out my article How to Run Beta Reading Cycles here at the Write to the End website.

  3. Good for you Tony. I have been sick had to have major surgery it takes time to recover. I’m sorry to have missed your very interesting stories. Hope to be back soon. Give my love to Kieko and the group. Can’t wait to hear you and the groups fantastic stories. Blessings from Jan & Laddie Petrucha.

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